Binging With Babish Cookbook

Binging with Babish is a collection of the top 100 recipes from his YouTube show, with fabulous pictures that reflect Rea's passion for TV and for food.

Have you noticed just how many movies and TV shows have themes and plots revolving around food and eating in them? From The Golden Girls and their comforting cheesecake to Chocolat and the exquisite romantic temptations. From Mrs Doubtfire’s cake frosting face mask to Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory’s chocolate river, fizzy lifting drink and everlasting gobstoppers

What about the eyeball soup in Indiana Jones’ Temple of Doom or the ravishingly good pastries, cannelés, petit fours and mille-feuilles in Marie Antionette?

No matter where we look, our favourite series and films are endlessly fascinated by food. And rightly so

Andrew Rea has dedicated thousands of hours – and his own YouTube channel – to recreating the iconic flavours and taste creations featured on screen, all under the now-famous title of Binging with Babish.

Part chef, part filmmaker, Rea named his show after West Wing character Oliver Babish and has attracted an enormous international following by bringing us meals from various films, TV shows and games. His ravenous followers are always tuning in to see what his next genre or food connection will be, and they’re never disappointed.

Now bringing them to print form with a cookbook of the same name, Binging with Babish is a collection of the top 100 recipes from his YouTube show, with fabulous pictures that reflect Rea’s passion for TV and for food.

Binging With Babish Cookbook | Cooking Clue

Explained in mouth-watering detail, the pages are a fascinating stroll through cinematic history with classics that fans will instantly recognise, like the chocolate babka from Seinfeld, the beef bourguignon from Julie & Julia, Bubba’s shrimp from Forrest Gump and the risqué Thanksgiving leftover Moistmaker Sandwich from Friends. And that’s just for starters.

Binging With Babish Cookbook | Cooking Clue

This is an adventurous book that will take your cooking in entertaining new directions and deserves a place on your bookshelf purely for the unusual angle on food it takes.

It’ll keep you and the family wide-eyed and drooling with comfort food recipes you can binge on while binge-watching the shows that inspired them. And although this book is a fantastic time machine that takes us back to memorable characters and scenes, the quality of what’s on the plate in Binging with Babish is as good as any ‘serious cook’ could muster.

Whether you’re whipping up Homer Simpson’s Moon Waffles for Sunday brunch or stuck for something new to do with chicken, you’ll go a long way to finding better ways to keep you glued to the kitchen and the TV with just as much fun in both!

Binging With Babish Cookbook | Cooking Clue
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This recipe book will soon be a cult classic in your kitchen. Take a trip down memory lane to explore the foods that have filled our screens, brought to life by beautiful photos and a passionate commentary of all things bingeworthy.

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